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The photo here features the best chef in all of France; Chef Fabien Pairon...

together with WorkGlobal’s founder and Managing Director; Dang Thi Mai Huong


[Note: WorkGlobal’s founder is the short one!]

O: +84 8 6257 2299

M: +84 9 0294 5188


About Us


Our Beginning:

In 2012 WorkGlobal first began in the Aviation industry training future pilots and ground staff to quickly adapt to international working conditions. Our focus soon shifted to that which is our true passion:  Culinary Arts Training


Our Mission Today:

While focused intently on Culinary Arts training and placing interns in on the job training programs in the US, Australia, and France,  WorkGlobal has now begun providing Western Customer Service Orientation seminars geared to producing confidence in Vietnamese executives and customer service staff when communicating in English with their foreign clientele.


Our Future Plans:

Our long term goal is for Work Global to eventually come to function as a nonprofit vocational training school for all nationalities.

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