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 Aviation Training Program

“We can sell the planes but if we don’t have pilots to fly the aircraft and technicians to fix the planes, they will be sitting on the ground.”
- Bob Bellitto – Boeing’s Sales Director for Training and Services


“Boeing projects that the Asia-Pacific region will need 185,600 new pilots and close to a quarter of a million technicians over the next two decades.”
-  KARAMJITKAUR – Journalist / Economic Analyst


Working in the AVIATION Industry:

  • An exciting adventure with worldwide potential…

  • A realistic chance for you to see the world…

  • The career opportunity of a lifetime!


Allow Work Global to provide you with a comprehensive foundation to begin your aviation career:


  • Intensive preparation in specialized Aviation English ICAO Level 4 – [International Civil Aviation Organization]

      (Up to 10 weeks/200 hours for Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers,

      Dispatchers or Cabin Crew)


  • Intensive introduction covering basic pilot skills, critical thinking  abilities, and building confidence

      (Work Global Ground School – 8 weeks/ 160 hours)


  • Professional Cabin Crew Training in cooperation with E.A.S.A. Aviation Training Centers in Europe – [European Aviation Safety Agency]


  • Professional Training for Aircraft Engineers and Mechanics in cooperation with Accredited Training Centers in the US and Europe


      Requirements for Student Enrollment:

  • High School Diploma

  • English Communication Skills – Pre-Intermediate Level

  • Entrance Exam Covering 4 Skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening)

  • Assessment Interview – Professional pilots will interview students and guide them through computer flight simulator testing


Let Work Global help you get your Aviation career off the ground today!



  • Entrance Exam

  • Formal Application and Payment of Course Fees

  • Begin Aviation Program at Work Global Training Center

  • Visas –Work Global tirelessly assists qualified students to obtain any necessary international Visas

  • Begin professional training courses in Work Global affiliated training centers in the USA, Europe, and Australian


NOTE: Aviation training programs will resume at the beginning of 2017

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