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                                                WORK GLOBAL  CULINARY ARTS TRAINING




 We offer 3 separate programs :

 1.       Certificate IV Culinary Arts and Certificate IV Pastry & Bakery [Read below for info] in collaboration with Culinary Solutions Australia International.


2.        Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment – RPL Certificate III Culinary Arts and Pastry & Bakery in collaboration with Culinary Solutions Australia International


3.        Advanced Training for Culinary Arts in collaboration with CEPROC, Paris, France.


Delivered in Work Global’s specially designed hospitality training facilities – this program emphasizes providing you with as much hands on experience as possible while you study to assimilate the knowledge and culinary skills necessary to qualify you as a competent chef.


                                            Is your goal to eventually become an Executive Chef?


                                     Do you wish you could begin pursuing your goals even though


                                                   you haven’t yet completed High School?


                              If you have completed 12th grade and are currently at least 18 years old . Then the opportunity to                              begin your career in the commercial cookery industry is available to you right now!

                          You are eligible to join Work Global’s Certificate III in Culinary Arts training

                          course today!






                          How is it possible for me to train in Vietnam and yet still receive internationally

                                                                 recognized certification?


                            Work Global has partnered with one of Australia’s top training organizations

                           specialized in the assessment and certification of culinary arts professionals:


                                         “CULINARY SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA INTERNATIONAL”


 You can now gain internationally accepted culinary credentials via the Work Global Training Center here in Vietnam!


Consider the ease and comfort of studying right here at home while still receiving internationally recognized culinary skills certification and  professional qualifications assessments that are honored virtually around the world.


Who are the course instructors… and is the training English based?


English speaking International Chefs serve as instructors performing intense hands-on cooking sessions combined with classroom based culinary instruction. [Instructors are sourced from Australia, New Zealand, USA, and France]


All food preparation instruction is conducted in English – while separate English instruction is also provided by both native English speaking and local English teaching professionals.


Training is also designed to familiarize students with International Customer Service Standards & Western Cultural Orientation



                                             YOU CAN’T GET A JOB WITHOUT EXPERIENCE… and 

                                                YOU CAN’T GET EXPERIENCE WITHOUT A JOB!

Do Work Global courses provide students with internship opportunities at hotels & restaurants in Vietnam?

YES… Work Global GUARANTEES each student will perform an internship in a 5 Star hotel and restaurant facility for a minimum of 2 months as part of Work Global’s course curriculum.


Work Global students have served internships in Vietnam at the Park Hyatt, the Caravelle Hotel, the Intercontinental Hotel, the Sunrise Hotel, the Aman Resort.


Does the Certificate III Commercial Cookery certification make students eligible for international internships?

Students that obtain their Cookery Certificate III via Work Global’s training programs are eligible to travel to Australia, America, France, Singapore, and Dubai to work in Paid Internship programs.


Work Global works in close cooperation with many international sponsors, employers, and partner organizations that together can help YOU get YOUR career started TODAY!


Are you serious about an international Culinary Arts career? 

                        to get started right away… 





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