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Work Global offers internships in the US and Australia for students in the fields of Management, Hospitality and Tourism related fields.


[US internships are made possible through the US Government’s Cultural Exchange “J-1 Visa” Program]

[Australian internships are made possible through the Australian Government’s Cultural Exchange “402 Visa” Program]


Work Global internship placement programs allow qualified students the opportunity to gain invaluable job experience working overseas in an English speaking environment. 


Working in a Western customer service based social setting is arguably the best possible training environment for the average Asian Hospitality student – while a one year overseas internship added to one’s otherwise blank resume can prove an invaluable attainment in its own right.


As we work quite closely with both US & Australia based sponsors and employers, Work Global can all but guarantee to provide overseas internship placement to qualified applicants as long as passing marks are achieved where regards all Work Global course criteria.


Internship placements for Work Global students are arranged to satisfy the student’s specific employment expectations whenever possible.


Duration of International Internships

•       Internships in both the US and Australia are fixed at a maximum length of 12 months. [18 months

         maximum for Chefs]


•       After 12 months of employment, interns are allowed to stay in country for 1 extra month – this is   

         considered “holiday time” or “travel time”


     [Work Global assures that placed students will receive a minimum of 32 hours per week for the  

      entire 12  months of their internship]

Work Global accepts applications for international internship placement on a year-round basis, however, only those eligible to receive an internship Visa should apply.


Who is eligible to work as an intern in the US or Australia?            

•       College Students in their Final Year in need of a professional Hospitality internship in order to graduate

•       Post Graduate Students that have finished college less than 12 months before the date of their application


•       High School Graduates with a minimum of 5 year’s work experience in hospitality related fields

To be eligible, internship applicants must be engaged in one of the following areas of study:

  •    Culinary

  •    Hospitality

  •    Tourism

  •    Restaurant Management

  •    Business Management


NOTE: Any other fields of study that may qualify applicants for internship will be assessed on a case by case



To apply now please email us at: – We will assess your eligibility and send you any relevant program information.


Steps in the Application Process:

  • Complete the application form and have your first interview with a Work Global Placement Counselor

  • Your second interview will be with a Sponsor from the US or Australia

  • Your third interview will be with an Employer from the US or Australia

  • You forth interview will be with a Visa Officer at either the US or Australian Embassy or Consulate

  • You will then fly to the US or Australia to begin your internship program – Bon Voyage!


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